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[Download] iOS 8.4.1 Jailbreak Update Install Available


It’s no secret that Apple has devised some sort of silent, but deadly personal vendetta against jailbreaking. Famed members of the jailbreak community have been trying for the entirety of this past year to crack iOS 10, and many of them called it quits. Some promised they will do it, but their promises turned out to be in vain, while others altogether said ‘nope, not doing this anymore’ and called it quits. Jailbreakers even warned enthusiastic users to refrain from jailbreaking iOS 10.

New Jailbreak Emerges amidst Controversies

Needless to say, iOS 11 won’t be cracked anytime soon. Even though a Chinese tech company demonstrated that it could potentially be done, that jailbreak was done at the hands of security experts and we’re never going to see it on the free market. And while this would indicate that we might as well let jailbreaking die out in peace, some people aren’t willing to let that happened. Thus, a new jailbreak has emerged, but only for 32-bit iOS 8.4.1 devices. This jailbreak works on untethered iPhones and iPads alike. The only condition is for them to be 32-bit, not 64-bit.

The tool is called EtasonJB and it has been designed by one user going by the moniker tihmstar. Seeing as it’s only intended for iOS 8.4.1 running on 32-bit Apple devices, we’re sure that Apple won’t even bat an eye at it. The company’s main priority is to protect iOS 11 from these sorts of things. No one cares about iOS 8.4.1, and no one should care about jailbreaking either. It’s a dangerous practice that offers more risks than it does benefits, and it’s time for us to understand that.

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