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[Download] Mass Effect: Andromeda for Xbox One and PC Free of Charge


The American video game company EA has announced the newest game batch free of charge available for EA and Origin Access subscribers. Mass Effect: Andromeda is by far the most interesting one available.

Access members are pretty lucky

Access member games can now look forwards to a couple of months in which EA will release free games for Xbox One (EA Access) and PC (Origin Access). This is available until the end of the year and both platforms will receive free of charge the Mass Effect: Andromeda game. It is unknown the exact date and what the content will include.

Andromeda has registered poor sales at its beginnings due to the fact that it was maligned upon its release. Since then the game has changed its developer and plans for the franchise. The updates added to the game have improved its aspect, especially for the facial animations.

Access member will also receive Star Wars battlefront II and Need for Speed: Payback. The company did not specify for how long users can enjoy for free the Battlefield II game, while for Payback, the option is available for 10 hours.

More good news for Xbox One owners

Owners of Xbox One will receive two more treats these coming next months. One is the fact that EA Access will allow them to try ahead of launch The Sims 4 game through its Play First Trial. A second treat is Dead Space 3 and in this way all Dead Space series will become available through EA and Origin Access.

Origin Access and EA are companies known as providing discounts on digital EA purchases, Play First Trials and free playable games for its users. To benefit from these options, users need to have a subscription.

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