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[Download] Google Chrome Offline Installer and Save Up Precious Internet Data


There is no other browser that offers the same user experience, speed and performance that Google Chrome does. This browser is packed with numerous features which make surfing the web even more enjoyable than it already is. More than that, Google Chrome is constantly being updated and its performance keeps increasing.

The only downside to Google Chrome is that people who do not benefit from a strong internet connection will have troubles installing it. Luckily, there is an offline installed for Chrome that is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7.

Google Chrome Offline Installer

First off, we need to mention that if users decide to install Chrome through the normal installer their internet data will be wasted by downloading the app. Therefore, getting the offline installer is a better choice. Moreover, the offline installer is available directly on Chrome’s official page and it weighs in at 44.4MB.

Now that we talked about how Chrome can be installed without using up too much precious internet data, let’s go over some of the browser’s key features and see why it holds the title of being the most popular and the best Android browser.

Incognito Mode

One of the best things about Chrome is that it features an Incognito mode. No one likes being tracked while surfing the web and this mode makes sure that the user’s activity is not stored in the history tab. Also, Incognito mode makes it difficult for other websites to save cookies thus improving user security.

Clean User Interface

Unlike other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and UC Browser, Google made sure to equip Chrome with a clean user interface. This browser is meant to reach a broader audience and its user interface makes it simple for everyone to use it. Although, Chrome also allows users to customize the interface through clever plug-ins.

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