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Fix MX Player Audio Bug by Downloading and Installing Custom Codec


Google pre-installed a default media player on all its operating systems. However, this doesn’t mean that Android users are forced to stick with it, especially since there are so many alternatives. A great example of this is MX Player. MX Player is regarded as being the best Android exclusive media player ever made because of its highly optimized software.

MX Player

Even though the developers behind MX Players have made sure to optimize the software through numerous updates and under the hood tweaks, the player still has its fair share of issues. Numerous complaints are showing that MX Player sometimes doesn’t deliver sound which can be quite annoying. Fortunately, this issue can be fixed through a simple method.

How to Fix MX Player Audio Issue

The main reason why MX Player users are not able to listen to the music they want is because MX Player recently stopped supporting DTS and AC3 audio formats. Therefore, the best thing that MX Player users can do is to install a custom codec which makes the media player compatible with those audio formats.

Finding the Right Codec

We need to mention that there are different versions of the custom codec that’s compatible with MX Player. With that said, users need to find out what codec version suits their player the most. To do this, users will need to open MX Player and to access the three-dot menu button that’s located in the top-right corner.

After accessing the menu interface, users need to tap on “Settings” and then on “Decoder”. All that’s let now is to scroll down to the bottom of the page and see the name of the custom codec MX Player needs. One of these following codec versions will pop up: Tegra 3 Neon, ARMv7, X86 and Neon. Now that users know the correct version, they can download the codec on their smartphone and install it.

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