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[Download] Google Chrome Update to Browse the Internet in Virtual Reality


It appears that VR is slowly making its way into our lives, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it will become a common thing in the future. Not Google Chrome has finally released a new feature that allows users to visit the browser in virtual reality. This is available for all websites, but it only works on the mobile phone for now.

Obviously, VR can be great for some websites, but it won’t bring anything special to a website that has a lot of text. This new features works best with games or videos. François Beaufort gave us some details about this feature. “So far this allows users to view and interact with any website in VR, follow links between pages, and move between 2D and immersive viewing for sites that support WebVR,” he said. “Users can give this a try today by navigating to any site in Chrome and then simply putting the phone into their Daydream View headset. This is just the beginning for web browsing in VR so stay tuned, there’s more to come!”

VR is only available for Chrome 61, and you will also need a Google Daydream View headset. If you feel like you cannot wait, you can experience it in Google Canary, but we must warn you that this version of the browser is experimental and it is not stable yet.

Many are against virtual reality

Virtual reality is not made for everyone, and that is understandable. Especially when you remember that using the VR headset too much can cause sickness. Even if we ignore that, large headsets can be uncomfortable for many users. We will see if this new feature will be appreciated, although it does not change anything for people who do not like VR.

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