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DayZ Launches on 27 March on Xbox One: Cinematic Trailer and Details


After almost five years of delayed their hardcore open world survival game, the developer Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce that DayZ will be fully launched on Xbox One on 27 March.

To celebrate the announcement, the devs have released a cinematic trailer.

DayZ version 1.0 has been in early access on Xbox One since this past December, and it will leave Xbox Game Preview at the end of the month. After that, the game will be fully launched for the public. Meanwhile, Bohemia Interactive has also worked on the PC version of DayZ.

DayZ Launches on Xbox on 27 March

The cinematic trailer was uploaded on the official Xbox Youtube channel, with the following description:

“Survival’s easier when it’s your only option. DayZ launches on Xbox March 27. Prowl the streets of Chernarus, crafting your own survival story, in stunning 4K.”

It doesn’t come just with a little story, but also with more details on what Xbox One players must expect when they see the game transition from the v1.0 to the full version. You can see the rendering and overall performance was improved.

In the past, the developer also suggested they might launch a PS4 version of DayZ when it launches on Xbox one, but Bohemia hasn’t stated anything new on the subject.

DayZ will leave Xbox Game Preview on March 27, and be fully released to the public.

Looking back in the past when DayZ was only a mod for the game ARMA 2, then being announced as a standalone game in 2012, seeing it finally released in 2019 is a boon for the devs, considering all the delays it got over the years.

The open world sandbox online game will gather 60 players that must do everything they can to survive. DayZ will throw everything at you, and if you fail to survive, you die and must start over. If you want to experience the “unforgiving” survival game where you only have a life and no tutorials or tips, where every decision counts, and even the weather is your enemy, then get ready to play it this month!

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