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Clash Royale: Two Basic Tricks You Must Learn as a Beginner


If you are a fan of Clash of Clans, then you are going to love Clash Royale. Based on the heavily played COC game, Clash Royale is another one of Supercell’s creation that features a tower-rush type of game that utilizes the well-loved characters from Clash of Clans.

Basically you have to defeat your opponent in a three-minute battle and destroy his or her three Crown Towers.

Every victory will allow you to collect trophies, war chests, and even crowns which will be the basis of your ranking in the global standings ladder. Only through your victories will you able to upgrade your cards and open you up to more winning strategies.

Like any new game if you are a beginner it is good to know a few tricks and (legal) cheats that give you a boost up and actually help you to enjoy the game even if you are still learning.

  1. Two is Better than One

We get it, sometimes you just want to rush in and attack the enemies as soon as you get the chance, but this could be a poor strategy. If you patiently wait for your elixir to be high enough so that you are able to use at least two units simultaneously, you can employ the Giant or Golem tank technique, wherein you pair either of these two damage-absorbers with a range offensive unit. To initiate this strategy, make sure to drop the Giant or Golem first to make the opponent’s troops lock on unto them before releasing the second attacker. This allows the latter to freely attack without being targeted.

  1. Three or More is the Best

Okay, what does this strategy mean? It means as soon as you are allowed to, join a clan. This will be when you reach King Level 3. Apart from being able to ask for advice and tips from more experienced players, you will also have the luxury of being able to request for better cards from your fellow clansmen. This will help you form your strategy much faster.

Learn more Clash Royale tricks today.

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