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Kaspersky Anti-virus: Basic Package, Premium Service


What does Kaspersky stand for?

Kaspersky is the surname of its innovator, Eugene Kaspersky. He started his business Kaspersky Labs with his wife in 1997 and since then the growth of their creation continues to be an uptrend.

Kaspersky Anti-virus is one of the best Antivirus software out there that delivers and performs as well as it should. It specializes in detecting and protecting your systems from viruses, spywares, Trojans, and even ransomwares. This includes protection from malware-hosting websites as well as phishing websites. It has a perfect blend between security and efficiency that helps you run your devices and gadgets smoothly yet securely.

What are the features of Kaspersky?

One of the good things about the Kaspersky Anti-virus software is that it has a simple layout design that doesn’t immediately (or completely) confused new users at the first glance.

It has two types of scanning – the quick scan and the full scan. According to independent AV testers, both scans took longer than the average time, but it compensates for this by being able to find threats that are not found by other programs. In addition, you can also schedule the scanning of your system; a helpful feature if you want to keep on checking your system at regular intervals.

Like a lot of AV software out there, Kaspersky also offers email scanning and instant message checking. It is also programmed to automatically scan USB drives when inserted into your system, since USBs can potentially contain copies of malware or viruses that are damaging.

If you are a gamer and hate other AV software popping unwanted and distracting notifications while you are playing, then Kaspersky has a good solution for just you. They allow you to switch to gamer mode; Doing so will also stop and pause malware scans so as to minimize the lagging of your game and divert more system resources for gaming use.

In the unfortunate scenario where you already have an infected pc, then all you have to do is run your Kaspersky on it and it will attempt to remove the threats as well as try and fix whatever the malicious programs have tried to destroy.

If you buy a basic package you will get three licenses with each license being good for only one laptop or desktop computer. Note that the basic version does not include more advance protection tools like privacy protection and the parental control feature that helps you manage content from the Internet and block out those that are not healthy for your kids.


The basic Kaspersky Antivirus package is a comprehensive package that provides basic protection from threats online as well as threats from local sources. Third party testers reported that Kaspersky scored high in malware detection as well as detecting sites that phish for user’s sensitive information. It also offers a good remedy for systems that have already been infected and has a neat and useful feature that restores the affected files back to health. If however you need more advance protection services, you have the choice of two upsells from Kaspersky which provide more useful protection features.

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