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Why is Clash of Clans so Successful?


Mobile gaming is becoming one of the most popular forms of gaming, and Clash of Clans is one of the best examples. The game has over 136 million monthly users, and the number continues to grow. At its core, this is a rather simple game, so it may be hard to understand why it is more successful than other similar games.

It has a simple premise, but it is complex enough to keep you entertained

Playing the game for the first time is not and intimidating experience, the way it is with most similar games. In fact, Clash of Clans is incredibly simple at first, and you need to play it in order to unlock more features. Therefore, you will never feel overwhelmed by the entire experience. “The game starts out really simple, and that’s one of the key things for players getting into Clash: that it’s simple, easy to pick up, easy to learn. But it gets deeper and deeper the further you go in the game.” Tommi Suvinen, the lead developer, explained.

Feedback and constant improvements

Another reason why Clash of Clans is so popular is the fact that there is a big community that is very visible. Even if you do not play Clash of Clans, you probably already know how the characters look like. That’s because Clash of Clans fans are usually very dedicated. And they have reasons to be like that. Supercell usually keeps in touch with the players, and the team will actually listen to their complaints.

Supercell also aims to please. They released constant updates so that the players won’t get bored. “When we started to develop the game and the social features we never understood how powerful they would be in Clash Of Clans, but the clan experience, the social plays… It’s the core thing in Clash Of Clans. That’s also what we want to keep on improving.” Suvinten said.

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