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[Download] Facebook Alpha Available with New Fixes


Rejoice, Facebook lovers! A new version of the Facebook app has appeared. The alpha version of the Facebook app brings more improvements to the Facebook mobile experience. If you’re looking to enjoy yourself even more while checking out the latest posts from your friends or businesses you follow, you should definitely give this app the update it deserves. It’s true that not a lot has changed since the last update surfaced, but each update provides important additions to the app’s infrastructure, and little by little it becomes an even more reliable and popular app.

Things to look out for

Unfortunately, the alpha app update does not bring any flashy features that users have never seen before. It’s more of a maintenance patch but it does its job well in that respect. Even if there’s no palpable feature which you can immediately notice, you will still be able to feel the difference thanks to all the “under the hood” improvements that have been added to the app.

Making the platform more sturdy

Being able to have stability, especially on such a huge platform, is crucial. As a result, Facebook has invested in bringing even more stability to their app through a series of infrastructural improvements. As mentioned before, you will sadly not be able to see these changes but you will feel them.

Speed is of the essence

When you are trying to keep millions of people connected at the same time, speed is a defining factor for the success of the app. Performance driven services rely on speed in order to satisfy customers. The Facebook app is now faster than ever and it’s faster than ever to send photos or to view them, and all Facebook related actions, part of the Facebook experience, will feel a lot more fluent and less clunky especially if you’re using a poor internet connection or a not so reliable WiFi.

It’s hard to think that there are still people out there who do not use Facebook at all, but the large majority of people that do, also use the mobile app. It’s just a great tool that helps you stay even more connected with your friends and family and to keep up with the latest statuses and pictures. Not just that, but it also lets you keep everyone informed and updated on your situation and how your life is going.

The social media platform is used not just by regular people but also by celebrities and even companies and business entities which use it to promote their products and services, and to tap into an unprecedentedly high lead count. That means that they can reach any demographic in really numbers with nothing more than a couple of Facebook posts and some status messages.

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