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Better and Faster Mozilla Firefox 54 Ready for Download


In its recent update released last month, Mozilla Firefox resolves 32 vulnerability issues with the latest version, Firefox 54. On top of this, it has been loaded with four content processes to speed up browsing and ensure efficient RAM management. All these improvements are part of what Mozilla refers to as “E10s’ project” which also allows the browser to handle even complex web pages with ease.

As one of Google Chrome’s competitors in web browsing, the Firefox has had its share of issues, specifically its bugs which make it exploitable to attackers. But from the words of one of the web browser’s executives, Nick Nguyen, “Firefox 54 is the best release of Firefox, ever”.

If you download the latest version, prepare to experience faster loading of pages since it can now subsequently process up to four content streams.  This is made possible by the capability of the browser to break down tabs into separate processes.

How to Download and Update Firefox 54

There are two ways to use Firefox 54 as an alternative or perhaps, your default browser. If you already have Firefox Mozilla installed, get the latest version by simply updating your version. Or, if you were using another web browser, you can directly download and install Firefox from the official website of Mozilla.

Downloading and Installing Firefox on Windows

What’s great about Firefox is that it can be downloaded in several languages. That is, even if English is not your mother tongue, you can still have it on your computer. Before doing so, ensure that your computer or device meet the system requirements.

  1. Using any web browser, go to the Mozilla website.
  2. Click on the “Download Firefox” button and choose the version Firefox will automatically recommend for your system.
  3. If you used Internet Explorer to download, a will appear asking if you want to run or save the downloaded file or cancel. Click on the “Run” option. Conversely, if you used a different web browser, a notification window will appear asking if you want to run the file or cancel the process. Click on “Run” and then choose “Install”.

There you have it! You can now surf the internet using the latest Firefox version. With Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to contend with, a faster and better performance might just put Firefox in the league.

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