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Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge – Battery Life Comparison


One of the major marketing points of the Microsoft Edge browser is that it does wonder for your laptop’s battery life. While other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and even Opera drain your laptop’s battery, Microsoft Edge preserves it as much as possible through various advanced features. This is what Microsoft always says, and they even have test results from a research conducted on a Surface Laptop to back up their words.

Chrome Faster than Edge on Dell

However, as things usually are with in-brand marketing campaigns, that’s simply not true across the board. While we’re not denying that Microsoft Edge might have that quality on a Microsoft-produced device, it doesn’t perform so well on other makes and models of laptops. An experiment conducted on four Dell Inspiron laptops is the essential proof for that.

Researchers took four units of the same laptop with the same hardware and ran a different browser on each one. Thus, one Dell ran on Microsoft Edge, one on Google Chrome, one on Opera and one of the trusty old Mozilla Firefox. And the results were, as expected, not the same as those obtained by Microsoft. In fact, Google Chrome proved to be the best candidate in terms of a battery-saving browser. So there you have it.

This doesn’t invalidate the result of Microsoft’s experiment. In fact, it’s very likely that a Microsoft device can perform better when running programs created by the same company. After all, when more things made by the same company are meant to interact, that interaction is generally optimized as much as possible. But Microsoft is guilty of embellishing the truth a little bit too much. What is true with their devices isn’t necessarily true with others, and that’s something that everyone should be aware of.

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