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Best Clash Royale Deck You Probably Have Underestimated Often


Understandably, Clash Royale gets similar popularity with its predecessor Clash of Clans. However, it takes more than just gameplay to win in this famous multiplayer mobile gaming platform.

Of course, you need the best set of cards to get a chance at winning a match. Unless you have a specific deck to create, here are some of the useful cards that you should factor into your decks.

The Skeleton Army

The Skeleton Army provides a lot of options for many players at different levels of play. Basically, it can counter many cards, particularly big tanks, without cost a lot of elixir. Dropping this at the right moment can guarantee you of an elixir trade, which should be a safe bet.

The Elixir Collector

It should be important to add the Elixir collector on your deck of cards if you aim to be victorious. Take note that among the biggest parts of the game is the management of your elixir as well as trying to guess the cards of your opponent before you release an assault. Take this if you plan for a big push, which you can easily do with the use of the Elixir Collector.

The Night Witch

The Night Witch is a great card on your deck if you aim for an offensive. This character is said to be so tanky, which can deal with different types of opponents thrown her way. Moreover, it can take down a tower quickly if left unattended.

The Bandit 

There are a couple of options for the Bandit, whether you hate it or love it. However, if you want to make an impact for your Clash Royale attack, the Bandit is one of your best bets. Take note that it can provide significant damage, as it can dash at an opponent, which is a skill that you often underestimate. In fact, she can cut through bigger opponents, making this one of your best cards on your winning deck.

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