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Google Street View Cars Helps To Fight The Climate Change


Google has teamed up with Environmental Defense Fund to equip the Street View cars with a measure air quality. Thanks to this system, there have been created methane maps for 11 cities, that have uncovered more than 5500 leaks.

It is very important to identify these leaks, as they can have a big impact on climate change. Environmental Defense Fund claims that methane is 100 times more potent at “trapping energy than carbon dioxide (CO2), the principal contributor to man-made climate change.” To make things even worse, its conversion to CO2 makes methane 84 more potent after 20 years and 28 times more potent after 100 years.

The maps that are provided by Google Street View with the help of Google and Environmental Defense Fund can help companies to prioritize the allocation of resources to address these leaks. We need to mention that the partnership has also been expanded the scope of their efforts and it is now measuring overall air quality.

It is very important to defend the Earth from climate changes and there are many scientists that have confirmed this. Unfortunately, recently Trump has decided to withdraw the United States from the “Paris climate agreement,” which is really unfortunate. Hopefully, soon enough, most of the people will understand how bad things could turn if we keep destroying our planet by ignoring all these warnings.

Google and EDF are really helping people to understand the problem with the climate change. In fact, about 70% of the Americans are supporting the Paris accord, even if the president doesn’t agree with it.

Thanks to the maps generated by Google Street View Cars, this will surely help the environmental activists with hyper localized data so they can target specific problematic areas in their communities.

Do you think that with the help of Google Street View Cars we will be able to fight the climate change?

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