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Apple Is Warning User about Mid-2015 Retina MacBook Pro Laptops – Battery Problems


Apple recalls its mid-2015 15 inches Retina MacBook Pros because of a potential safety issue with the batteries. The problem Apple is warning about is that the integrated batteries are overheating and this could be a safety risk. The number of the 15 inches MacBook Pros is limited, but the company still warns users. The laptops were sold between September 2015 and February 2017, and their battery can overheat and create a safety risk.

However, note that the laptops that we are talking about are from the final Retina generation, so the earlier laptops or the later one with USB-C will not be affected by the issue. Apple is making a program now for replacing the affected batteries, and everything is free of charge, worldwide even. Every user and owner of a mid-2015 MacBook Pros will be asked to visit a particular webpage on Apple’s website and to submit their device’s serial number. After introducing the serial number on the request, users will find out if their notebooks are affected and eligible for the program.

Also, the affected notebooks will be taken to an Apple store or an authorized repair center. You can even give them an email, but the whole advising process and service will take around one to two weeks. That’s not all; all users of the affected laptops are warned not to use them any longer than necessary. It is essential to make a new backup with all the content, of course.

Drawing to a close, as we know Apple too good, the company isn’t saying how many notebooks are affected right now. The information will be shown after the company will submit a formal statement to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission. The problem with the battery overheating has the right side as well. The owners will get a free battery, and the 15 inches Mid-2016 Retina MacBook Pros will get a new life as well.

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