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Apple Dominated the Smartphone Market in Q3


There are many rumors that Apple’s brand new iPhones have had some disappointing sales. However, there are also many other rumors that say that Apple dominates the market, even beating Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note smartphones.

iPhones are the most wanted handsets in the premium segment

Some sources have shown the collected market data, that disclosed that Apple’s iPhones are the most wanted handsets from the premium segment. This certain segment, which is mainly composed of devices of high value – about $400 or even higher, is about 22% of the global smartphone market. According to the same report, the new iPhones showed 47% of the premium market segment in the third quarter of the year – this is twice than Samsung’s 22%. Huawei was the one to come in third, with 12%, and then the Chinese brands followed – Oppo and Vivo with 5% each, and Xiaomi with 3%.

If we are to look at this specific price segment, Apple didn’t really have the top spot from the very beginning – we’re talking about the $400 to $600 segment, which is the one that accounts for 46% of the premium smartphone market. In this segment, Apple has a 21% share, and Samsung had the most, with 25%. Huawei came with 17%. With all of this in mind, however, is safe to say that Apple won the contest between it and Samsung, in the $600 to $800 bracket, due to the fact that it had 61% of shipments.

Apple’s iPhones to come third in India

Based on all the data, iPhones had the best performances in Africa, Middle East, North America, China, and Western Europe. Apple came second in Latin America, Eastern, and Central Europe. And it came third in India – it was behind Samsung and OnePlus.

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