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Norton Security Premium 2019 Brings a Clean Interface With New Changes


Symantec unleashed a new version of the popular Norton Security antivirus solution. The refreshed program offers new features and an accessible user interface.

For the scope of this article we are evaluating Norton Security Premium, the top tier of the Norton Security line. $55 will net you a one-year subscription for the product if you are a new user. Returning users will have to pay $110 for the same package.

Below you can find a comprehensive list of the advantages and disadvantages offered by Norton Security Premium.

  1. Stealthy

The main advantage offered by the program is that it doesn’t get in your way. You won’t get useless notifications that try to sell you complementary products like optional pay-to-use features.

  1. Clean interface

The user interface was and remains a strong point for the product. It may look similar to the previous versions but it is intuitive without being superfluous. One of the most useful functions is the ability to see how many licensed devices are being used. Those that opt for the Premium package are able to license up to 10 devices.

The menu is split into four distinct categories: Performance, Online Safety, Security and Backup. A fifth category, called More Norton, allows users to buy additional software. Each category will show you relevant information. For example, if you highlight the Performance tab, you will be able to see live information about your system.

Security will allow you to scan the system, install updates and access additional options by clicking on the Advanced  menu.

Online Safety offers a selection of useful features for those that love to browse the internet. Among them we can count phishing protection, a password manager, a password generator and several browser extensions.

Backup will allow you to upload up to 25GB of data into the cloud and more space can be acquired separately.

The program is light on resources and intensive tasks like video converting are unaffected even during a live scan.


It is an excellent choice for new and old users alike, offering a healthy package for a reasonable price. Instead of adding new features, Norton opted to consolidate and perfect the product.

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