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Android Sinks Thanks to the Most Recent iOS Upgrade


Even though the iOS 12 is not too big of a deal at first sight, at least it is good enough to fix iOS 12’s mistakes. Now, with the new update, Apple’s goal is to make their iPhones perform better and even close to perfection. And, it looks like it works, at least after taking a look at what the users have to say about it.

By now we observed that many people swapped to the iOS 12. The stats were updated by Apple on its developer page and a high percent of the iOS devices which were introduced in the last few years, 78%, are running iOS 12.  The number increased by 6% in the previous four weeks and it is still raising.

To be more precise, there are not many iOS users who did not update their iPhones. On the other side, Android is not having the same success as its competitor. Even though it made numerous efforts to reach Apple’s operating system… the progress is still to come.

Another difference between Android users and iOS users is that the first ones are not too excited about updates. At the moment there is a significant number of them who still have their phones running on “vintage” versions of the operating system. Even its developer dashboard was last updated a few months ago.

When it comes to Android Pie, less than 0.1% off the users had upgraded their android.

Back to the iOS 12, it looks like it makes people get it more than iOS 11 used to. Maybe that is because people are looking forward to expanding their experience with their iPhones.

Maybe some time from now Android will be at least close to what iOS has achieved so far.

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