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AirPower – Something Apple Should be Embarrassed About


If you are an Apple enthusiast, you might still be waiting for that AirPower charging mat that was promised to you in 2017 by Apple along with the launch of iPhone X in the 9th month of that year.

Two years later and we still can’t charge our devices using that magic mat. Apple wanted to make our lives more comfortable, but it did not keep its promise. Instead of having a charger for each Apple device, it would have been easier to use the AirPower for all of them.

This kind of gadget was to be expected from Apple and would have also been a real problem solver. So…where is it?

According to Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP, the team is still trying to make this happen, but their work with Qi standards is not as easy as it was supposed to be. At least this is what he mentioned in 2017, and that 2018 would have been the year of this mat’s release, but we are 2019, and there is still no sign of that.

Apple did not mention a thing about AirPower since that announcement, and the representatives had also avoided answering to any questions bringing up the subject. Along with the launch of iPhone XS, they even tried to bury their traces, but you are still looking forward to that gadget, don’t you?

Unfortunately, none of these signs are good ones for the possible fans of AirPower. With that being said it looks like developing hardware can sometimes become a challenge for Apple.

That process has now become even harder due to the new ways that Apple has introduced for the argument of their products. However, we are sure Apple will not give up on this project, and hopefully, we will soon be the proud owners of such a gadget.

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