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Android 8.0 Caused Settings App to Crash on Pixel Devices


Since Android 8.0 has been released on Nexus and Pixel devices there have been a lot of reports regarding bugs and crashes. The most recent report is on a problem of data usage although Wi-Di was activated and ready to use and another report would show an issue with mobile data getting automatically deactivated.

Re-enter the App or Send a Feedback About this Event

The newest issue is that Android 8.0 will crash the Settings app when a user tries to switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data usage settings. Whenever users tried to see information on mobile or Wi-Fi data usage they would experience a crash. They would also be prompted with two options: you either re-enter the app or send a report as a feedback on the issue.

In the community and on Twitter users have complained about this issue and one of them replied that this issue has received an official fix but that it didn’t make its way through to Pixel smartphones yet. From reports and replies, it seems that not all Pixel users faced this issue and they haven’t had any other malfunction in the new Android Oreo. One issue for crashing the Settings App on Pixel smartphone would be that the user ran too many apps that have an internet connection.

A similar issue was faced on a Xiaomi in March, the report can be found in the Google’s Issue Tracker entry.

Other issues on Pixel and Nexus smartphones are a malfunctioning Google Alarm Clock app, rebooting issues and more. It seems that reports with bugs and other issues have surfaced fast as they updated to Android Oreo and Google will have to fix every single one.

We will just have to wait and see how they do it and when they get it done.

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