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All about the latest podcast episode of Clash Royale


Supercell has released the mobile strategy game Clash Royale in 2016. The game is a combination of multiplayer battles, tower defenses, and collectible card games. Each player will be ranked according to their abilities: level reach, trophies won and arena (11 in total).  However, you cannot go through all arenas without a certain amount of trophies.

The game has an official podcast named Radio Royale, which can be listed to by players if they have previously added it to their podcast queue. The last Radio Royale episode aired talks about the esport side of Clash Royale. Special guests talking about this topic are members of the Royal Clash community.

Topics discussed in the latest episode of Radio Royale

The guests invited (members belonging to the game’s community) focused their conversation around events such as Crown Championship Official, Clash Nights, The Royal Helsinki Cup, the CR world or the ESWC Paris Games Week (All events belonging to the Worldwide Royale events). Around this events, the conversation also focused on epic moments such as most recent esport matches, mentioning the goblin comeback that took place a couple of weeks ago.

Listeners weigh in on the discussion

Some of the listeners were not as excited by the conversation during the podcast. They would have wished the guests to focus more on the present and the future of Clash Royale mobile game. If you are interested on finding out more, our advice is to listen to the last podcast.

Facts on the Clash Royale Game

The game works on both iOS and Android platform and it has been downloaded by many users. It has an impressive amount of awards and nominations. SO far, the Supercell game has won the 2016 Google Play Awards, the 2017 British Academy Game Awards, the 1027 International Mobile Gaming Awards and the Finish Game Awards.

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