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Adobe Flash Player Gives Out Security Errors on Older Versions of Windows


Flash is known to be a difficult service at times, with many different problems emerging and causing users to a headache. One of the more recent ones has to do with using Flash services on outdated versions of Windows. Most recently, a user on the Adobe forums has reported that they encountered an error regarding a failed attempt to access a site.

The context of the error

It would seem that the error is triggered when users view Flash content on online platforms. This includes a large variety of sites such as Facebook. Facebook videos are pretty common and you might find yourself checking out one or two quite often. However, if you’re on an older operating system version, you might encounter the same error, regarding the usage of Flash.

The error given

In order to be more familiarized with the specifics of the error, users should know the precise error message that is displayed upon trying to view Flash content online. In that respect, here is the kind of message that users should know about: “SecurityError: Error #2060: Security sandbox violation”.

Unknown causes

There are no specific causes that are known to trigger this error message. While there is no proof that this is the reason for which the error exists, the user on the Adobe forums has mentioned that they are using Windows 7. Windows 7 is now considered to be an outdated version of the operating system, and no longer receives security updates from Microsoft. As a result, it is quite possible that the outdated software has finally reached a point where it bumps head with updated software, such as the newest version of Flash.

So far, the lack of an updated operating system is the only known possible explanation for why the user is given that error message. Hopefully, an Adobe representative will jump in and clear the air, as they will most likely be able to tell us more about what the error means and what users should do when they encounter it.

Possible solutions

Since the precise reason for the error is not known, a precise solution is also missing. However, users having trouble viewing Flash content could resort to a couple of temporary solutions that might fix the problem.

  • Using another browser, either fully or just for Flash content.
  • Installing an updated version of Windows, namely Windows 10, Fall Creators Update
  • Updating Flash Player from the Adobe website
  • Making sure that the Flash Player plugin is enabled within their currently used browser

Since it’s just one of multiple problems that Adobe developers have to worry about concerning Flash, it might take a little before an official response is issued. Hopefully however, users will get a solution in the near future.

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