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Google Chrome 61 Update Download Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS


The big search engine company has finally released the version 61 of its Chrome browser for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The new update comes with 21 security updates and many bug fixes and improvements. In addition, three new APIs have been added that are allowing developers to further improve their applications and web sites.

We have to mention that the new Google version 61 comes with a new improvement that allows it to automatically exit full screen if a JavaScript dialog opens. In other words, tech support scam web sites will have a hard time as they will not be able to force the browser into full screen mode anymore.

This way, the victims will find it easier to navigate away from a scam website, without being forced to click some dialog boxes or alerts that would normally appear while the browser was in full screen mode.

Google Chrome version 61 for Windows, Linux & Mac OS: What’s New?

  • The Network Information API is now available on desktop computers and Android devices, allowing web sites to access the underlying connection information of a device;
  • The developers have now the possibility to set the scrolling smoothness via a new optional parameter in the existing “Scroll APIs” or with the scroll-behavior CSS property;
  • CSS color values can now be 4 or 8 digit hex colors (such as #RGBA or #RRGGBBAA);
  • Thanks to Visual Viewport API websites are now able to access the relative positions of the screen content, by using complex functionality such as pinch-and-zoom;
  • The new Device RAM API will show the amount of RAM on a user’s device to web sites in order to optimize the overall performance of the browser;
  • Chrome will now automatically expand the video to full screen when the user rotates the device in an orientation that matches the video playing on the screen;
  • To increase security, web sites will now automatically exit full screen if a JavaScript dialog opens;
  • Google Chrome will stop decoding frames for videos using Media Source in background tabs;
  • Web sites have now the ability to use the “Clear-Site-Data Header” in order to delete their own client-side data, such as: storage, service works, cookies and cache entries.

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