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Adobe Flash Player Update Download Available


It’s no secret the Adobe Flash Player is the number one most pitied program in the world right now. After a few years where its service quality and security levels dropped more and more with each passing day, and also after countless failed attempts to salvage what could still eb salvaged from the ruins of this decrepit and buggy program, Adobe finally called it quits. The company announced a few days ago that it will be officially phasing out Adobe Flash Player until the year 2020.

Although some nostalgic users were very disappointed and refused to let Flash go down without a fight, we all know that this is for the best. Even though a huge part of Internet history will die alongside Flash and ActiveScript, its coding language, Flash Player was getting far too vulnerable to malicious third party attacks and malware to just let it live on like this. And while Adobe tried to save it at first, Flash Player is just too far gone. Still, there is a new update available right now, in the form of Adobe Flash Player Let’s see what it brings new.

Changes with Adobe Flash Player

So, Adobe just published the changelog for Adobe Flash Player, and here’s what it tells us. The new Adobe Flash Player will now benefit from:

  • Additional image formats, namely PNG, GIF and even Progressive JPG
  • Real time dynamic effects on filters (Blue, Glow, Bevel, Gradient Glow, Gradient Bevel, DropShadow, Displacement Map, Color Matrix and Convolution)
  • 8-bit video alpha channels for innovative media compositions
  • Radial gradient, stroke enhancements and new blend modes
  • Low bandwidth video
  • High-fidelity text
  • Immersive Flash video experiences via full screen mode

So this is everything that’s new with Adobe Flash Player We have to admit it’s quite nice, but it’s still not enough to redeem Flash.