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YouTube Shorts, Google’s alternative to the TikTok network, officially launched


For starters, in India alone, YouTube Shorts offers a credible alternative to the TikTok network, plus the advantage of being able to link viral posts to the YouTube channel that you might want to make known to a wider audience.

While ByteDance seems to have won a small victory in the United States by avoiding a total ban on the TikTok network, in other regions such as India things are not so good, the authorities in this country already banning the social platform, suspected of being a vector for the distribution of propaganda and the collection of information in favor of China. Thus, the emergence of an alternative to fill the gap left is welcome, especially if it comes from a company that comes from a country that has good relations with India.

YouTube Shorts, Google’s attempt to compete with TikTok

Although it doesn’t have the same pleasant resonance as the name TikTok, YouTube Shorts has a well-known and popular video sharing platform, plus a comprehensive set of tools in the Creator Tools section, helping to prepare and post videos with a limited duration of 15 seconds. For example, content authors can select from a vast collection of music for audio background and connect multiple video clips in a single clip using the multi-segment option.

Obviously, where it is available, the new functionality will be honored in the YouTube mobile application, Google trying to attract as many participants as possible.

Depending on the results obtained in India, Google could further improve this feature, the access to the YouTube Shorts section will be gradually expanded to include other regions of the world.

In a blog post, Chris Jaffe, YouTube’s vice president of product management, said Shorts is for “creators and artists who want to shoot short, interesting videos using just their cell phones.”

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