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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 New Features and Improvements – The Follow-up


After the Mi Band 3 fitness tracker, that is still a good product for the price, Xiaomi is going to launch the next device, Mi Band 4.

The confirmation has come from Huami (the company behind Xiaomi), that we will have a new fitness device this year, maybe in March or April.

So far, we only know the approximate date of launching. The features of this new fitness device are rumors or guesses.

The new features that will come with Mi Band 4 are the Bluetooth 5 and NFS.  The older device, Mi Band 3, has Bluetooth 4.2 and no NFS. The existence of NFS support is good for contactless payments. Also, according to a seen Bluetooth certification list for Xiaomi Mi Band 4, there will be two models, one with the Bluetooth 5 and NFC, and one only with Bluetooth 5.

Another rumor is that the band will have an ECG sensor, but there are no details on that. Of course, looking at the older Xiaomi products, Mi Band 4 will have for sure a heart rate monitor, and we are expecting a color display.

The expectations from these devices are to be water resistant, even up to 50 meters, and strong battery life. Mi Band 3 did not disappoint us with the battery life. It runs for 20 days in a single charge.

We don’t have exact data about the price for the new Xiaomi Mi Band 4, but we are guessing that it will be cheaper than other fitness devices. Looking at Mi Band 3, the price started at $30, and the characteristics were a heart sensor, an 0.78-inch OLED display, a 110mAh battery, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Like you, we are curious and waiting the weeks and months to pass to see and know more about Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

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