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The Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition 1 TB Console is now Available for Order


Minecraft enthusiasts had a reason to rejoice back in August when the Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition 1 TB console has been revealed. This Xbox is like a dream come true for every Minecraft fan. The console can be purchased for $399.00 and it is already available on Amazon and Microsoft.

The console replicates Minecraft looks and sounds

First of all, the design is truly impressive. This console will look just like a grass block and the control pad is made to resemble Creeper. Fans will be also able to purchase a controller that is designed to look like one of the Minecraft pigs. Another nice touch is the fact that the Xbox One S Minecraft console will use Minecraft sounds, even when you boot it up.

Minecraft goodies

The Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle has more than just a Minecraft inspired design. The console will come with a copy of Minecraft and the Redstone Pack expansion as well. With this console you should also expect several add-ons that will allow you to customise your game any way you want, and owners of this console will also get a chance to play mini-games made by others, and explore as many maps as they want.

Enhanced experience

This console will also deliver quality when it comes to performance. More than anything, you should expect some impressive graphics. The Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle will come with 4K Ultra HD, which means that the videos will be extra detailed and clear. The visuals will be better than ever thanks to the High Dynamic Range technology, and you will notice that there is a higher contrast ratio between darks and lights. Additionally, you will be able to get Super Duper Graphics Pack separatedly.

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