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Windows Movie Maker For Windows 10 No Longer Available?


Moviemaking is a serious business, so a newbie can count on no less than Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft. You can get Movie Maker by visiting the Windows Essential page on this link

However, the Windows Essentials 2012 suite might no longer be supported since January 2017, so it is not available for download anymore. You can get an alternative download site for Windows Movie Maker 2016 instead, which can work well with Windows 10, 8, 7, and even on XP.

Basically, you can use Windows Movie Maker with exciting features like transitions, effects, audio track, titles/credits, Auto Movie, and timeline narration. In fact, you can quickly turn your videos and images into polished movies, and share them with family or friends.

If you have downloaded Windows Movie Maker on your computer, then you can easily add photos to make your first video. You would encounter 3 interfaces, such as the storyboard, menu bar, and preview monitor.

  • Storyboard – helps you list and arrange, add or remove clips.
  • Menu bar – provides access to options and tools found at the top.
  • Preview monitor – enables you to view transitions or effects on whole projects or single items.

You can also add or edit music on the video you are creating. In fact, it can make your video more vivid, which you can access via the Add music button below the Home menu. Options like add music from computer or find new music online will be so useful in making your movies.

There are other alternative to Movie Maker out there that you can download and install on your computer. However, make sure that you use it with prior anti-virus or anti-malware testing to avoid security issues. Windows 10 allows you to install third-party software, but it doesn’t mean that you have to trust all of them.

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