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The Google Chrome Clean-up Tool Is A Must


Throughout the history of computers there have always been two types of developers. The first type likes to build and sticks to creating programs and software that solve everyday life problems. The second type (some claims this to be a natural phase of being a programmer) likes to destroy, creating mischief and discord through the use of malicious programs and codes that harms and hacks into the personal digital space of other computer users.

With this dilemma comes in the term Cyber-security. The Computer world is battle ground between those who like to build and those who like to destroy, creating an arms race between malicious software and security software.

Google being a technology powerhouse contributes a lot to this cyber security arms race by creating security software some of which are available to the public for free. And since Chrome, being one of most popular software or browsers used to access the Internet is regularly exposed to attacks; Google has created the Chrome Cleanup Tool. This tool helps detect and deflect these malicious programs.

How does this Tool Work its Magic?

Basically what the tool does is it tries to search for known programs that have maliciously found its way to your hard drive. These malwares are usually responsible for modifying your browser settings covertly. It is a simple and yet deadly move that opens up your system for a number of serious attacks.

The extent to this attack can vary very widely. Sometimes you are lucky if all you get is annoyance and frustration as uncontrollable pop-ups disrupt you on the tasks you are trying to accomplished online or if you are unlucky, important details such as that of your credit card can be stolen.

One of the signs that you have been infected by this type of malicious attack is when your browser abnormally crashes all the time and you notice new behaviours you haven’t noticed before including but not limited to:

  1. Annoying pop-ups or advertisements that appear even if you didn’t click any link.
  2. New add-ons have been added to your browser and you can’t recall ever installing them.
  3. Your Homepage is set to a suspicious site even if you don’t know that site at all.

To prevent from unintentionally installing these unscrupulous programs on your computer remember to avoid going into websites that do not seem to be trustworthy. A general rule of thumb is to look at the website’s homepage content. If you see a lot of adverts or if you see incoherent writing, then it would be best to navigate out of that site. Avoid clicking links sent over by anonymous users on Facebook or by email also and remember that sometimes even those on are friend’s list unknowingly send these types of links too.

This Google Chrome cleanup tool is made available to all the current browsers in the market. Meaning if you are an Edge, Firefox, or Safari user you can still use this tool help improve your Computer’s overall security.

If you want learn more about Internet security navigate to this page.

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