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Windows 10 Upgrade Failed And How To Fix It Yourself Easily


It is common to encounter errors every now and then when you use your computer. However, when you try to upgrade to Windows 10 operating system and get error messages, it is important to know how to apply some quick fixes to it.

If the error begins with this 0xC1900101 code, then it must be caused by the driver. Here are easy steps to fix this error like a pro.

  • Enough Free Space – ensure that your device has at least 16GB of free disc space if you are upgrading to 32-bit OS and 20GB for 64-bit OS.
  • Windows Update – download and install available Windows update, which include software, hardware, and third-party driver updates.
  • Third party drivers – for third-party drivers and installation instructions, you can visit the website of the manufacturer for more details.
  • Unplugging extra hardware – if you think that you have excess devices plugged in, then remove the external storage devices, drivers, docks, and other hardware.
  • Device manager – if you think that a particular device is causing errors, then you have to check to confirm. Just click the Start button and at the search box, type device manager. Select Device Manager from the results.

The driver icon that has a yellow exclamation mark on its side is the one you need to upgrade. Just right-click on the device name and choose Uninstall or Update Driver Software to fix the errors.

  • Remove third-party security – if you are using third-party security software, you need to remove it, but you have to know the required product keys if you were to reinstall the application.
  • Repair HD errors – at the Start button, type command prompt on the taskbar. Select Command Prompt from the results list. When the command prompt pops up, type chkdsk /f C: and press the Enter key. You can notice that automatic repairs would begin on your hard drive in which you would be asked to reboot your computer.

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