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Windows 10 Mail App Update – Full “Dark Mode” is Here


Every major software company has started introducing the Dark Mode to their apps and now, Microsoft is the latest one to follow the trend. A full Dark Mode for Windows 10’s Mail App has been tested this past couple of weeks in the Windows Insiders program and Microsoft has now released it to the public. The Mail app is now available in darker colors which makes it perfect for people who hate the brightness that blasts from their smartphone’s display every time they try to check their latest emails.

Windows 10 Mail Gets Dark Mode

The new Dark Mode for the Windows 10 Mail is being updated automatically and it arrives OTA (over the air). The Mail app is now going to feature a “turn on/off the lights” option which is located in the top bar. This option lets users alternate between a white and dark preview background.

What’s great about the new Dark Mode for the Mail app is the fact that users can set fonts for different accounts. This option is great for people who their computer with others. This feature can be accessed in the “Settings” panel, under the “Default Font” option. In addition, the customization options for the Dark Mode feature a slide-out menu from the right which makes it possible for users to set the right amount of brightness that they want.

All Apps are Receiving a Dark Mode


The Dark Mode trend started last year when YouTube introduced it for its famous video streaming app. People loved the Dark Mode so much that other software companies decided that they should start releasing their own version of it. In fact, the Messenger app for Facebook has received a full Dark Mode three days ago after being in the beta stage for a less than one week.

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