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When Android 11 officially launches and which devices


Android 11 has been available for a few weeks now in beta on Pixel devices. In the meantime, a beta 2 version has been released, which does not add new features, but only solves a few bugs reported by those who test it. Google has not provided an official release window or a specific release date. However, one of his employees provided information about the launch of Android 11, revealing when the operating system is officially launched to Pixel phone users.

Android 11 launches following the example of the previous version
Michele Turner, Product Management Director at Google’s Smart Home Ecosystem division, gave a presentation at an online summit on smart home devices. It revealed in one of its slides that Android 11 is officially launched on September 8. The release date came into question because developers need to have applications and devices compatible with the new smartphone operating system.

Why did Michele Turner discuss this summit? Because Android 11 introduces new dedicated functions for smart home devices in the power menu. Basically, by pressing the long power button, you will have quick access to control all the devices registered in Google Home. Thus, the partners will have to check the compatibility with this new functionality.

In his presentation, Turner suggested that smart home device and app developers update their websites and other marketing materials to mention the new control options in Android 11. Google also requires companies to send messages via email or notifications to inform users.

Pixel models will be the ones targeted at the beginning

However, the release date is not exactly surprising. While some expected Google to return at the launch of the new software in the summer, it seems that the strategy will be kept in 2019. Android 10 was launched on September 3. The launch of Android 11 on September 8, a week later, would suggest that this is Google’s new strategy.

The Pixel 5 series of phones is expected in October, the first that could be delivered with Android 11 on the market. In fact, the update to Android 11 on September 8 would work exclusively on devices from the “families” Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 4.

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