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What the Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks like in the first hands-on video


According to rumors, the Galaxy Z Fold2 will cost a small fortune, but at least it looks good.

If we look at the recently released video, Galaxy Z Fold 2 could be the biggest evolutionary leap for any second-generation smartphone ever released. Especially in the case of Samsung, the openness to bold ideas able to save, or destroy, the brand image of a product, is very low. Contrary to expectations, this is not the case with the Galaxy Fold series, with Samsung completely modernizing the representative of the first generation of foldable phones.

Looking at the clip with a duration of 16 seconds we can notice extensive changes in the exterior design, the hinge and both screens.

Conceived as a hybrid between a conventional smartphone and a compact tablet, the original Galaxy Fold also had many problems with the aesthetic aspect, but especially with the reliability of the insufficiently tested technical solution. Already, with years of experience behind it, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 should eliminate many of the shortcomings of the first model, but apparently not the prohibitive price.

Galaxy Z Fold2 will cost a small fortune

According to information circulating in Vietnam, the unexpectedly good sales obtained with the debut model convinced Samsung not only not to cut from the initial price of $ 2150, but even to add significantly to this amount. Converted from local currency to Dong, the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 would reach the threshold of $ 2795, setting a new record for Samsung. The disclosure contradicts older rumors circulating since April, indicating a price in the area of ​​1780 – 1980 dollars.

Despite the exorbitant price, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 does not get rid of the very visible notch in the folding area of ​​the screen. However, the less prominent side frame still drives away from the look of the prototype phone, while the Dynamic AMOLED screen without cutout seems more suitable to fit the product in the luxury range.

Decisively contributing to the feeling of a practical and functional phone, the Super AMOLED exterior screen measures 6.2 inches and is perfectly capable of serving the basic functionality of a smartphone. Thus, the interior screen remains more like an optional accessory, which we use only when we feel the need for an extended display space.

Galaxy Z Fold2 comes powered by the Snapdragon 865+ chipset and is expected exclusively in the 5G version, differing only in the amount of internal memory – 256GB or 512GB. The configuration is supported with a 4365 mAh battery. The phone also has a Qi wireless charging function, accepting up to 15W charging power (25W via USB-C cable).

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