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What Are VPN Routers And Why Could You Use One?


Using virtual private networks is recommended nowadays if you want to keep your personal data safe when you are browsing the Internet. VPNs have become one of the most useful tool, for both regular users and companies.

Businesses can use a VPN to connect offices from different locations so that there is one single corporate network. VPNs also help create an encrypted channel and only authorised users can access it


VPN routers

While VPN usually have to be installed “manually”, there are also VPN routers. These routers have a VPN pre-installed. The router offers protection for the entire network and it can also help bypass regional restrictions for example.

Such routers can be the best option for smaller businesses, so that won’t have to deal with installing a VPN on the router they already have. This means that the traffic will be automatically encrypted and secured, and this will happen for every device connected to it.

VPN routers come with other benefits as well. If you use the traditional VPN software, you will have to deal with certain restrictions which do not exist when it comes to VPN routers. For instance, we can include here the multiple devices limits.

Deciding which one to buy

If you are looking to purchase a VPN router, you need to inform yourself first. The prices vary, and you should find options between $130 and $500. You will also have to decide whether you want an unflashed router or a pre-flashed one. The unflashed routers will get you to install the VPN manually, while the pre-flashed ones come with the VPN pre-installed.

You will also be glad to hear that some big-name VPN providers have VPNs on configured routers as well. One good example is HideMyAss.

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