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Web Push Notifications & Its Impact On Digital Marketing


How to build a stronger audience for a website or a blog? Of course, you tend to get visitors to your site. But, once they leave your site, there is no way you can trace them back and interact with them. Occasionally, if you have access to their email addresses, you can send them emails regarding newer posts or offers on your site.

What would one be able to do if you have no email address? Well, Web Push Notifications are what would be worth attention in such a scenario. How does Web Push Notification work and how can you make use of it for enhancing your website performance? We will cover the basic aspects of Web Push Notifications in this article.


Web Push Notifications and Their Impact on Online Marketing

Well, web push notifications are what would simplify the task of retaining your visitors and improve your website traffic. In fact, it is a way you can keep yourself engaged with your visitors even when they are not on your site without even any access to their email address.

Push Notifications are akin to the app notifications you receive on your smartphones. If you have been using news apps and any other apps that have notification support, you may be receiving them quite a good number. The only difference between the app notifications and web push notifications is that the web push notifications are meant for web browsers.

How do they work?

The functionality is quite simple. You just need to insert a script into your website. Whenever a user visits your site, he will get a web notification subscription form. If the user accepts the subscription, he will continue getting the web push notification whenever new content is posted on the site.

And yes, if the user declines the request, he will never get the subscription ever again – even when he visits the site. Web push notifications would be the best means of sharing information on webinars, podcasts, service updates, special offers/discounts and several other essential updates.

The Advantages of Using Web Push Notifications

If employed effectively, web push notifications would be the best means of achieving the best online marketing performance. It would be the best option to share information about the new product features.

Here are a few advantages of opting for web push notification feature

  • Wider reach across multiple browsers – The web push notifications are available on browsers. The wider support for all browsers would make them best suited for reaching out to a wider customer base.
  • Higher Conversion Rate – Studies have proved that they have the best in class opt rates. Being the simplest mode of engaging with the customers, it should be the excellent option for the conversion rate.
  • Custom Opt-In – The customized opt in and opt out options make it one of the easiest online marketing tools you would be able to apply. Browser push notification will not need any additional configurations for enabling them.
  • Instant Communication – They offer you instant communication and that would make them the best communication options. Unlike Email notifications that would need the user to open the emails for getting information, the web push notifications will be delivered instantly. The user will be able to check the content even when he is working on other tasks.

How To Use Web Push Notifications on your Website?

SendPulse has been a well-known service provider for Email marketing, SMTP servers, and Web push notifications. There are several service providers as such, but we will take the example of SendPulse for understanding the concept. PromotionStep agency has also built its well-earned reputation implementing the approach to some of their clients. Here is what they exaplin:

Web Push Notifications are quite easy to implement as we already stated. It is as easy as adding a script to your website. When it comes to SendPulse – it is indeed an all in one solution with support for varied platforms. In fact, it has separate services for Email marketing, SMS messaging, of course, web push notifications.

The reason we have been recommending SendPulse for web push notifications is the fact that it is completely free. They have separate pricing plans for the other two services (yes, they have free plans for email marketing as well if you have less than 2500 subscribers), but web push notifications are completely free.

Setting it up on your website is an easy run, thanks to the plugins that it provides you with. In fact, if you are on WordPress, it is as easy as installing the SendPulse plugin in your WordPress installation. If you are using any other CDN service, and comfortable with coding – you can add a single line of code to your website and you are good to go.

You may also use SendPulse Service REST API for getting all the SendPulse services including Email marketing, SMS and web push notifications from a single platform.

An Experiment With SendPulse

SendPulse believes using a larger image for the web push campaign would work towards a better CTR. SendPulse lets you add an extra button to increase the probability of clicks.

SendPulse conducted an experiment with the large image and found that the click-through rate achieved with the larger image size was observed to be around 1% better than the smaller image. The experiment was conducted with a smaller base of subscribers and thus it can be safely assumed that the results with a larger base would provide a still better performance.

The Conclusion

If you really want to make the best of the online marketing and improve the performance of your website – whether in terms of SEO or traffic – opting for an effective use of web push notification should work towards the best results. Of course, you can customize the user experience through the use standalone services that specialize in the web push services.

In fact, opting for a multi-channel service like SendPulse would have an added advantage. A right combination of web push notifications, SMS marketing, SMTP services and email marketing can go a long way if you go with a unified approach. Such an approach would indeed convert your visitors into the customers with least effort.

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