Ways to Delete Gmail Account

A Gmail account is one of the most useful tools you can sign up for online. It is the leading free email provider and there are only a few scenarios why you would want to delete an account.

One would be having too many Gmail accounts or having duplicate accounts making some of the accounts useless with no purpose at all, which may only result to confusing yourself.

If you have multiple accounts you could have the dilemma on which account to give or which account you have been giving people, eventually this may result to you being unable to read important emails.

Before deleting an entire Google Account, note that you have the option of deleting only a part of the services attached to that account. For example, instead of deleting your Gmail account, along with the Youtube account, and/or Google drive account of the same Google Account, have the option of nitpicking only the services that you longer have need of.

How to Delete your Google Account

Go ahead and log in into your Google account if you are not logged in yet. Click on the Avatar picture of your account and then click My Account.

You will be taken to your Google account dashboard and from here you will be presented with a lot of preferences on which you can use to configure all of Google’s services associated with your account.

There are three columns namely Sign-in & security, Personal info & privacy, and Account preferences. Under the third column you can find the ‘Delete your account and services’ link. Clicking the link will give you two options: Delete products and Delete Google Account and data.

If you choose the former you will be given an option of choosing what to delete from among the services included in the account. If you choose the latter you will have chosen to delete the entire account including all your emails, AdSense and Adwords data, etc. Both actions will require you to enter your current password before proceeding with the next steps of deleting your account.

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