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Top 3 Clash Royale Tips and Tricks That You Need To Know


Supercell is a successful company that has two mobile video games that are performing incredibly well on the gaming scene. Today we will focus on Clash Royale and we will show you the best game techniques that will help you become a top players. Let’s take a look at them.

Try to memorize your opponents’ battle deck

This can be an essential trick if you want to beat your enemies. It may be difficult at first to learn his cards, especially if you are still learning how the game works and what are the cards. If it helps, you can even try to note down some of your opponents’ cards. Knowing what he has will help you decide what troops to pick in order to win.

Learn how to risk

Clash Royal is a game where a good strategy is crucial. The first moments of a match are the most important ones when you decide if you will attack your opponent or you will wait for him to do it first. You will be able to see the first four cards and you should make a decision based on them. It is good to wait until you have more elixir, but you should take advantage of your cards if they are powerful and do not require too much elixir. A bold move at the beginning of the game can assure your success.

Joining a clan comes with numerous advantages

Clans might not seem that important, but they can help you a lot. You will be able to ask for cards from the other clan members and this will allow you to level up your favorite cards faster. Donating cards will also make you gain King level points and gold.

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