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Survey Reveals Security Teams Lack Proper Endpoint Detection


Even if we all know that security threats are a worryingly common occurrence nowadays for most Internet users and their devices, we still trust security teams to do the right thing and either prevent them or fix them quickly and effectively. It’s only natural, after all they’ve been trained in this area, unlike us. So we always turn to them for help. But a recent survey conducted by Guidance Software, a company specialized in forensic security, actually proves otherwise. The results of their survey were more than shocking, so keep reading to find out what their team discovered.

Lack of Proper Tools

The survey that Guidance Software conducted was performed on a total number of 385 North American security professionals, or so-called professionals at least. And the information it unveiled is shocking: most of these pros lack appropriate endpoint detention tools and skills, and they don’t have fitting response tool on hand either. This means that most of them can’t deal with security alerts, threats or attacks in an efficient and quick manner.

This news is more than alarming, because it means that the people we trust to protect our data and wellbeing online aren’t as prepared as we thought they were. In fact, 23 percent of surveyed pros admitted that endpoint detection is one of their biggest challenges, and the area in which they perform most poorly. However, 72 percent of the total sample did state that they plan to drastically increase their endpoint security budget over next year, so maybe 2018 will come with less malware attacks.

So, even though at the moment things aren’t too bright, they have the potential to improve. We sure do hope that will happen sooner than later. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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