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Apple iPhone 8 vs. Microsoft Surface Phone – Straight Specs Compared


You can’t talk smartphones without talking about the two most anticipated releases of the year that haven’t dropped yet. The Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 8 while Microsoft fans can’t wait to learn more about the yet to be announced Surface Phone. Both devices are shrouded in mystery but passionate insiders and fans alike have managed to get bits and pieces of information regarding the final state of these two products. That being said, which of the two should fans be more eager about when it comes to pure specifications?

Sure, one might have a cool feature that the other one lacks and vice versa, but which device hits harder when you look under the hood? That’s what we’re trying to attempt to find out here, as we look over what we know about both phones and see how they stand in comparison to each other in a spec battle.

Microsoft Surface Phone

  • There are quite a few bits of information known about the potential Surface Phone. For starters, people speculate that it will be released featuring a Carl Zeiss 20 MP optic lens. People are also saying that it will feature PC peripheral ports and that it will prove an excellent ally for business oriented people. But what about the raw specs?
  • The device will feature Windows 10 and will be bale to run Win32 native applications
  • It will come with 64 GB of internal storage that can be used to stash your favorite music, photos and videos
  • It will feature no less than 4 GB of RAM which is more than what a lot of average devices are offering at the moment

Apple iPhone 8

On the other side of the confrontation we have Apple’s iPhone 8 which is one of the longest expected devices of the year. People have been literally expecting the iPhone 8 to drop since we crossed into 2017 and that was some time ago. With multiple delays and changed release dates, it’s hard to say when the handset will finally come out. Hopefully, it will be this year. As for its specs, there’s not a lot we know, but here are some valuable pointers.

  • The new iPhone is aiming to be the most performance driven device in Apple’s lineup ever, meaning that it will boast impressing specs
  • It is believed that the device might come with a dual camera setup on the read panel, which will feed into the ongoing trend for new devices
  • The display for the smartphone is going to be the main attraction, with a combination of edgeless display and curved screen tech
  • The RAM and storage options are yet unknown but it is most likely that Apple will provide multiple variants for this spec category

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