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Skype Insiders Android Update Available to Download with New Features


Skype is definitely an instant messaging app that brings back a lot of nostalgia. Who doesn’t remember talking on Skype audio or video chat with their friends and loved ones? Skype has grown so popular with the public that ‘to Skype’ is now an actual verb. And it has derivatives as well, such as ‘Skyping’. But it’s true that the app went through a period of stagnation, nobody can deny that. Fortunately, that’s over.

Microsoft updated the Skype app with an all new user interface that transported everyone’s favorite instant messaging platform into the tech present. And now it’s time for a brand new change to take place, but it’s for Insiders only and it comes only to the Android operating system. Let’s see what new features are brought to Skype for Android through this new update.

New Features

  • The Skype app is now integrated into Android’s share system, which allows users to share links, images and other media directly into Skype chats from the source website.
  • The new ‘delete contacts’ feature gives users the ability to either add or remove contacts from their profile, which enhances user experience and also gives more options.
  • In-call photo rendering is improved with this new update as well.
  • Skype’s overall performance on the Android operating system has been improved by the new update.

All these new features are only available for people that are enrolled in the Skype Insiders Program thus far. If you are in the program too, you can download the new and updated version of Skype from the Google Play Store. Go onto the Google Play Store and look in the My apps & games sections to find Skype, then see how you can update it.

As far as non-Insiders go, these updates will soon reach the general public too.

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