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Skype for Business Will Be Replaced by Teams in The Office 365 Package


Microsoft is preparing some changes for Office 365, and the company recently announced that Skype for Business won’t be the main meeting tool for Office 365 customers. Instead, Microsoft will come with Teams, its latest tool that is designed for cloud connected users.

The corporate vice president of Office 365 marketing declared that “For our cloud connected customers, As the core communications client, we will make Microsoft Teams the hero and primary experience for all voice, video and meetings. Over time, Microsoft Teams will replace the current Skype for Business client.”

Microsoft Teams combines the advantages of all communication tools

Last November, the company announced the preview version of Teams. This year, in March, the product was finally launched and it came with more than one hundred new features.

Teams’ main advantage is the fact that it takes elements from numerous chat apps and it combines them in one version. This way, the product will evolve much quickly than its rivals, and it should provide all the services that are needed at work.

Teams is increasingly popular

More and more companies are starting to use this Microsoft product after its March release. Back then, 50.000 companies were using it, but the numbers continued to grow, and last month the company stated that the app is being used by 125,000 organizations.

A survey conducted by IT network Spiceworks, discovered that Teams will become even more popular in the coming years and it is expected to become the second most popular app of this kind by the end of the following year. Skype for Business will remain number one, and this is normal since there are many users who are not willing to change it. And Microsoft did not abandon Skype for Business. The app will receive a new version next year.

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