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The Sims 5 Might Never Happen


As incredible as this news might sound, it is possible that The Sims franchise will stop with The Sims 4. Apparently, The Sims 5 will only happen if The Sims 4 will have enough sales. Even if this franchise has been a long going one developed by Electronic Arts, it seems that the last game released (The Sims 4) is not so popular compared to its previous two generations, which brought a lot of profit and popularity. If it will happen, it is unknown if The Sims 5 will be a sequel to the franchise or not.

No more The Sims?

Electronic Arts (EA) has declared that the Sims 4 needs to be profitable enough so that it will consider making a sequel in 2019. Rumor has it that by 2019, EA has a surprise for The Sims’s gamers, but it is yet unknown if that means the release for the Sims 5 or a new DLC surprise.

News which is not very encouraging is that Maxis Studio, the studio in charge of making the Sims game for EA, is shutting down. This means that the company is not willing to invest in another game studio to develop the franchise if sales are not good enough. However, EA games has not made any official statement so far.

Parenthood and Fitness Game Pack

These two extension packs were not so well received by the gaming community, which is another reason for the company to consider a sequel.

The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack DLC allows users to realistically raise children and direct what kind of adults they will become.

Others are very positive that fans all over the world will prove their love for the game and the demand will make EA released The Sims 5 in the beginning of 2020.

  1. CC A says

    I think EA really messed up with the Sims 4. They should have made the Sims 4 similiar to the Sims 3, an improved version with much more. But they took out so many things. The Sims 3 was amazing. It’s predecessor is lackluster. I really hope there’s a Sims 5 so that they can at least redeem themselves.

  2. Kevin Boudreau says

    Personally, I think this is just BS to try and scare people into buying more Sims 4 stuff and DLCs. As fat as I know, Sims 4 is doing well. Perhaps not as well as Sims 3, but well enough to move on into Sims 5. Hopefully, they’ll bring it up a few notches.

  3. Nina Steiner says

    The business practices currently going on are utterly fucking disgraceful. I really want a Sims sequel, but not if the same team of money-hungry hipsters works on it. I’m good.

  4. Carolina Pinedo says

    Sims4 should had Pets and Seasons since day one, or in Outdoors expansion.
    Sims 4 as in: 4 years of ignoring clients’ requests

    1. CC A says

      Hahahha Good one!!

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