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The Sims 4 Glitch White Screen and Missing Sim


If you have been playing the Sims 4, you might have experienced a certain issue where the game does not load and you get a white screen. When the game does load you might see that your sim is missing. This problem has been reported on EA forums. Here is how one user described it: “So recently for some reason, my sims game had just been starting up with a white screen, and doesn’t load at all. I’ve tried restarting the game so many times that I believe on perhaps the 6th or 8th time I restarted it, it finally loaded. When I go to CAS, it works perfectly fine. Then when I go find a house for my new sim, this REALLY strange glitch happens. (…) The sim doesn’t appear in the profile panel and the sim is not even in the world.”

Solutions for this issue

It appears that removing the mods solved the problem, so try to remove your mods and see if the game works afterwards. If you do have this issue you have to discover which mod does not work in order to keep the rest of the mods. You can try the 50/50 approach or Mod Conflict Detector.

Other users suggested that the mods may be working, but this error is caused by having two identical mods in the mods folder. Therefore, you should check the folder to see if you have any duplicates. And there are other things you should search for. Check if you have an older version of a mod or custom content that stores files within files. The game can only get info for one file, so make sure that you have one single file so that the game can read it.

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