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The Sims 4: Downloadable Content and Console Update Available


The Sims 4 will soon be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it appears that is not the only thing that will take place that day, on November 18. The console update will also bring some downloadable content that will include previous DLCs.

City Living DLC

This DLC was released almost a year ago, back in November and it is a bit more expensive, since it costs $39.99. However, the price is understandable, since this game pack will enhance life experience of your Sim. Basically, City Living will let you explore a new city named San Myshuno and immerse in the culture of it. This also means that your Sim will be able to get an apartment or even a penthouse.

Vintage Glamour DLC

If your feel like your Sim needed a bit more elegance and sophistication in its life, than this one is the pack you need. This pack will cost you $9.99 and it will also bring a new Butler character that can handle your chores.

Vampires DLC

One of the most important DLCs is the Vampires ones, since it represented a major update that came with some incredible additions for the players. It was first released last January and many fans believed that it is one of the biggest game packs. Not only that this DLC offers you the ability of turning your Sim into a vampire, but it also comes with a new map “where night time seems to last unusually longer than other worlds.” The eerie place is named Forgotten Hollow and it is the ideal spot for all blood-sucking creatures. The pack can be purchased for $19.99.

Perfect Patio

This expansion will become available on the consoles after the Digital Deluxe Party Edition. This pack will bring anew hot tub and cookouts to your front yard.

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