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How To Set Pop-Up Blocker In Google Chrome In 3 Ways


It is quite annoying to see just about anything popping up on your screen when you visit a website. Well, your suffering is over, because there is an option to disable or enable pop-ups in your favorite Web browser, Google Chrome.

Setting From Google Chrome

You can do this by adjusting the settings of your browser. You can start by going to Settings, which you can see from a dropdown menu when you click the main menu at the upper-right corner represented by the 3 dots or 3 lines. Then, go to Settings > Advanced > Content Settings > Popups. You can also enable it by toggling left to set to Blocked. Likewise, you can toggle it to the right to disable it.

Setting From Windows Registry

Another way to fix it is through the Windows registry. You just need to have some patience to do this. Just hold the Windows key, then press the letter R in order to execute the Run box.

Then, type regedit and press Enter to execute. Take note that you might have to create a couple of folders, namely Google and Chrome. Thus, navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Policies \ Google \ Chrome.

After that, you have to right-click the Chrome folder and choose New. Input “DWORD 32-bit value”. Either you give that value this equivalent “DefaultPopupsSetting 1” for allowing pop-ups to show or “DefaultPopupsSetting 2” for disabling pop-ups. Don’t forget to reboot your computer to apply the settings.

Terminal Command For Mac OS

Just choose Go then Utilities from the Finder. Open the Terminal application and type “defaults write DefaultPopupsSetting – integer 0”. The 0 can be replaced accordingly with the integer 1 for allowing pop-ups from sites or the integer 2 for disabling pop-ups from showing on your Google Chrome Internet browser.

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