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Secure Your Files in 2017 with the Best Cloud Storages


You can store anything you need in the Cloud service, without needing a local storage such as a hard drive, DVDs or flash drives. You can store anything from photos, videos to documents and other data.

Here is a list of the best Cloud storage services which will help you store data and you may choose the one which has the options you need.

  1. BackBlaze

This service will cost you $ 5 per month and $ 50 per year. The software will automatically backup your files, photos and important files with no limits or other costs, running in the background of your Windows OS or macOS.

  1. Carbonite

With only an approximate of $ 5 a month or $ 59.99 a year you can get this service which is a good option if you have a small business or if you want it for personal use. The option for businesses is $ 269.99 a year but the backup will be unlimited. You get tech support daily and a lot of many other options.

  1. Crash Plan

Crash Plan is almost the same as Carbonite, with $1 more a month ($ 5.99). The service has a military-grade encryption and will not cap your file types, storage or bandwidth. You can back up your files through three options: through external storage, cloud option or to other computers.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is very popular, being the first choice for a lot of users. When you say cloud storage, you think about Dropbox. It’s a service for which you must pay $9.99 or $ 99.99 a year and use it either from Windows or from Mac. You can share the files that you stored in Dropbox to others who don’t use this service. You can access the files from different devices. It’s also a good service considering the privacy policy.

  1. Google Drive

Same as Dropbox Google Drive is also very popular among users. It starts at $ 1.99 and add more options and storage as long as you pay more. The starting option gives you 15 GB free and you can get 100 GB for only $ 23.88 per year. The issue with Google Drive is that the user information is shared for advertising purposes so privacy isn’t one of their priorities.

  1. IDrive

IDrive will provide users with cloud storage for different devices. You can pay $ 4.95 per month for 150 GB and per year only $ 49.50. You can back up data from different devices as long as you log into the same account. You can use it for either personal purposes or for businesses. By getting IDrive, you get a strong secure and private service by getting a private key for you if you are the account owner. The service will also keep copies from the last 10 versions of all the documents you had up to the latest version.

  1. JustCloud

The service will start from $ 4.49 per month or you can pay $53.88 a year. The service will monitor your data and automatically update everything through a sync option. You can access your files from different devices.

  1. Mozy

Mozy has a free plan and a paid one (for free you can get 2 GB). The paid option can start at $ 5.99 a month or $ 65.89 for a whole year. A lot of companies and small businesses use this service as it has different options for them and it also provides a top security and privacy with double encryptions.

  1. SugarSync

This Cloud service will cost you starting with $ 9.99 a month or $ 74.99 per year if you get the 100 GB option. You can back-up data through Windows and Mac and access the files from Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. You can try the service for free in a 30 days free trial. There is also an option for $ 55 a month for the 1,000 GB storage space.

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