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Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 Gets Nougat Update


The official launch of Android O is finally approaching as the upcoming mobile operating system enters its fourth and last developer preview. Still, there are a lot of smartphone out there that didn’t even get Android Nougat yet. Think we’re over-exaggerating? A respectable Android blog just published charts and graphs of Google’s Android distribution over the last five years, and Nougat is the least spread across the devices that supposedly support it.

Still think it’s not as bad as we make it sound? Android Jelly Bean managed to reach over 60% of devices between July 2012 and October 2013. By comparison, Android Nougat barely reached over 10% between August 2016 and the present day. Now do you believe us? Good, then we can move on.

So, Android Nougat is the poorest performing version of Google’s mobile operating system to date. And not because it’s a bad OS by any means (in fact, it’s quite brilliant), but because it rolled out so slowly that Android O might just sweep in and make the entire world forget that Nougat ever existed. After all, how can we even say that it did, if most of us didn’t even get it. Still, there is a ray of hope now in the last moments of Nougat.

Some phones are currently getting updated to it. The first one that was announced this week is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, and now it’s time for two Samsung Galaxy mid-range devices to get it too. We’re talking about Samsung Galaxy A5 and Samsung Galaxy A7. The Nougat update for Samsung Galaxy A5 and Samsung Galaxy A7 should be available right now. If it’s not, you can check for it manually in your device’s Settings menu. But make sure that your Samsung Galaxy A5 and Samsung Galaxy A7 is properly charged before installing it.

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