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Is the Intel Core i5 Chip Enough or Do You need the i7?


The processor has been by the definition the core of any computer, be it desktop or laptop. The various models of succeeding processors have come and gone, but for the longest time we have had a standard to use as guideline. The Core i series from Intel are considered the very best in processing power at the moment and have been that way for an even longer time. For a very long period, there have been three different iterations of the processor. There was the entry level i3 processor, the mid-level yet powerful i5 iteration, and the cherry on top, the Core i7 model. Now, it would seem that Intel is planning on releasing the Core i9, which will no doubt become the new best option available.

But what does this mean for those that want to buy a new PC or upgrade their existing one right now? In this article, we take a look at how the Core i5 processor impacts performance and what an upgrade to an i7 would actually mean. By the end of this article you should have an idea of what kind of purchase would be better for your computer and needs.

How is the Core i7 superior?

When it comes to comparing them straight up, the Core i7 will be superior. This is simply because it was built with the intention of being better than the Core i5. What this means is that for those that want the absolute best experience in gaming, highly demanding rendering processes or pretty much anything done at a very high level, the i7 will prove a better option.

Core differences

That being said, there is another issue to be taken into consideration. There are multiple versions available for each of these models. There are several Core i5 iterations and several Core i7 iterations and they don’t match the same. That’s when things can get a bit confusing for those that don’t know what to expect beforehand. While the base models are quad core chips, there are also dual core versions for both. Intel has created a system based on processor generations. The higher the generation, the more powerful the chip is. So a Core i5 chip from a newer generation could overpower an old generation i7 easily.

Not for everyone

As mentioned previously, the i7 was designed with the power user in mind. But do you need that extra power? If you just use your computer to browse the internet, watch a couple of videos and maybe send some emails, the i5 can do a very good job. Unless you want to handle challenging 3D rendering work or to process videos and photos at very high resolutions for editing, you can do yourself a favor and dump the extra cost of an i7.


Price also plays a very important part in choosing your preferred chip. The Core i7 can be even $200 more expensive than its Core i5 counterpart. If $200 means nothing to you, you probably don’t benefit too much from this article but if you can think of better things to do with that sort of money. You should definitely take this into account when choosing what processor will power your machine.

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