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Samsung Galaxy A5 2018 New Leaks Reveal Its Design


While this year the Galaxy A series had regular Samsung designs, it appears that in 2018 we will some new looks. This is good news for Samsung users who preferred mid-range products since it appears that the company will focus more on the Galaxy A line next year. The Galaxy A5 2018 designs have been leaked and we are here to tell you about the visuals of the upcoming phone.

Aspect ratio and fingerprint sensors position

Not only that we received some images of the Galaxy A5 2018, but we could also see two different cases of the phone. This way we know for sure that the device with the model number A530 will come with the 18:9 aspect ratio. Logically, this means that the fingerprint scanner has to be placed on the back of the phone, since the display covers the entire front end.

Judging by the big cut-out of the Samsung cases, it is safe to say that they were designed in order to accommodate the fingerprint scanner. This should also mean that the Samsung Galaxy A5 2018 won’t come with dual-cameras.

Infinity Display & curved edges

The new leaked images revealed that Samsung Galaxy A5 2018 will come with Samsung’s iconic Infinity Display, which means that the phone will have very minimal bezels on its both side. Also, the handset will feature some subtle curved edges similar to those of Galaxy S8 and S8+.


If the Infinity Display will become a regular feature of mid-range Samsung devices, it is very likely that their popularity will rise in the future. We should also appreciate that the finger scanner has a better placement, right under the camera and it is easier to use than it was before.

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