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Saints Row 5 2018: Rumors, Updates And Release Date


There were rumors that the much-awaited release of Saints Row 5 will not happen any time soon. Although there are speculations that the Saints Row franchise has had quite a sales performance based on its predecessor, Volition has yet to say something about its status.

Fans have given the franchise some positive reviews. In fact, it has been known to be a close competitor to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The performance of Saints Row 4 was not that anticipated though, even with satisfactory sales results during its first week of release.


Possible Things That Might Affect Its Release

There were some issues that could affect the anticipated release date of Saints Row 5.

  • The first thing that might get in the way is the departure of Saints Row producer Jim Boone from the company in 2017;
  • Thus, Boone might not be part of the release if ever there will be a Saints Row 5
  • Boone reunited with the team, which could be a sign that a Saints Row 5 release is real

Call For Improvement

It was discovered that the previous titles of the franchise lacked a decent in-game customization option. Therefore, there were suggestions that there should be an improvement in its customization feature. This will surely enhance the player experience. The Saints Row 5 release date will only be realistic if developers take these suggestions seriously.

Rumors Of Release

The past few years have been quite challenging for Volition. Nevertheless, the company did not consider this a serious issue when it comes to releasing a new title. Since there are a lot of buzz going on around the Web, surely there is something cooking that one-day fans will feast on.

Agents Of Mayhem

Fans surely were confused as to why Volition didn’t release Saints Row 5 and created Agents of Mayhem instead. Well, if you are going to see it via Volition’s perspective, the dev team has done it in line with the Saints Row franchise. However, it has its own version called Agents of Mayhem.

Additionally, Saints Row was a stronger brand for Volition and its publisher Deep Silver. The reason behind this is that Volition wanted to make a new IP in which Deep Silver supported its plan to take the opportunity to develop a new one.

According to experts, Volition has been a bit burned out in making Saints Row games. However, this has caused the new Agents of Mayhem to earn criticisms as to lack the ambition, humor, and spirit as the Saints Row had.

Saints Row Success

In fairness to Agents of Mayhem, it had the best marketing plan, making fans believe that it would be better than Saints Row. The only setback is that the game simply ended up just like the fourth installment of the franchise. In fact, Deep Silver admitted that the game never had the success they were hoping for. Perhaps if they release the Saints Row 5, they might have a different outcome.

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